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Perekat Keramik Diatas Keramik Murah CK 850 & CK 852

Perekat Keramik Diatas Keramik Murah CK 850 \u0026 CK 852

The M&R 852D Soldering and Hot Air Rework Station - Unboxing & Testing | SMM's Blog #9

Soldering stations are pretty cool piece of equipment and electronic engineer or hobbyist could have, it allows precise soldering and open the gates to a lot of things, this video talks about the 852D soldering station.

///////// Chapters //////////////////////////////////////
00:00 Intro
00:30 Stay Safe !
01:34 Unboxing
05:12 Testing
09:20 The Incident
09:57 Overall Opinion
10:17 Ending


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Ranya Abdelmonem : Wow ...fantastic
drescherjm : Seems a little inconvenient that the connector for the soldering iron is on the other side of the hot air.
abdelmonem khader : ممكن ترجمة لو سمحت
Family Team : I think u cant just heat up from 100 to 450 you need to take it gradually
Family Team : Ahh its just easy dont care about that

Yaxun YX - 852d soldering station

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